TO MENU

        Ours began at a wedding. We found each other in a ripened moment, one that expires quickly, unless you are just aware enough to catch it. It’s confusing when you meet your person for the first time. You get dizzy from the reluctance to believe the part of you that knows the truth about it. It’s impossible to fathom all at once the unlikely ways you’ll find out how to combine with someone, how different you can be and how much better you’ll become if you allow yourself to be moved, to be seen. The most important moments can somehow seem so insignificant in retrospect. And the most authentic moments appear to happen when no one is looking.

        Photography can be a bit tricky in the same way. If you aren’t careful, you can plan away all the surprises. How, then, do you know when the real moments are likely to bubble up? And, how do you catch something that seems to be so perfect because of its impermanence? We met in one of those improvised measures. We captured it in some unlikely stroke of fate and now are designing and improvising life, together. We see those moments because that’s where we were made, it’s where WE come from. And we can’t help but be a little obsessed with finding it every place we go.

        Why do we take photographs? Because we get the chance to remember who we are, because we see your love as though it is our own. To record love in a perfectly-improvised-accidental moment is to remember over and again how ours began.